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Wild Zanzibar

There is a belief that Islands are just about beaches, Zanzibar contradicts that belief; from animal species that has always called the island home to the species that call Zanzibar their second home.  These animals are kept with the utmost care as the caretakers and Park owner’s have the most respect for nature and its ways. Wild animals are trained through trust and reward methods only and no violent methods have ever been used; furthermore none of the animals are drugged, defanged or declawed.


ZALA Park is the ultimate example of a sustainable development; a habitat where native species live in harmony; surrounded by beautiful natural surroundings. This park situated at Mungoni Village is owned and managed by a local village school teacher that could not stand such beautiful animals being killed by the local community due to superstitious beliefs.

Mr. Mohammed (the local school teacher and park ranger) started the park to also help educate local children on different animal species found on the island, some of the species are said to be endangered. There are quite a number of deeds to see and experience such as: The Children's Center for Environmental Education, The Reptile Collection, The Antelope Breeding Program and Small Mammal Collection, Research Opportunities in Wildlife, Conservation, and Environmental Trends in Zanzibar, Aquaculture and Opportunities to participate and assist ZALA.

Some of the habitats made by Mohammed include homes for monitor lizards, snakes, turtles, small gazelles (dik-dik), hyrax (closest living creature to the elephant) the hyrax is said to look like a rabbit with no ears and the list of animals found in the park continues.

If it happens for a guest to have a special interest in the animals or the park, Mr. Mohammed is able to provide a private tour whereby he will let you in on his projects such as Salamander hatching, Python cage crawling and many more.

Mr. Mohammed is much appreciated by the entire population that values Zanzibari nature. He looks forward to learn more things every day and shall continue feeding the society with a positive attitude towards life of all beings.


Cheetah’s Rock

The “Zanzibari Gem” , located at Zanzibars scenic west coast  is home to a number of wild animals. This tour gives a unique experience to our guests as they are able to spend one on one time with the animals. Just imagine, spending over 3 ½ hours with wild animals that are not even 100 yards away; In an Island, anyone would absolutely want that in their “TO-DO List”

This tour unlike other wild safari tours, does not end with just vision; You will have the opportunity to even feed and take photos with some of the animals. Visit Chaka the Zebra, Maurice the handsome bush baby. Gismo the rare stripped Hyena….. Aslan the muscular teenage white Lion and last but not least.. Tyson, the lord Cheetah.

Throughout this tour you should feel free to ask whatever you desire concerning the matter. Make this tour not just a memory but also an educative experience as without a doubt, it shall indeed be very informative.

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