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The best way for you to immerse into the local Swahili culture and having a complete definition of Zanzibar is definitely by taking some time interacting with the locals in the local community. For the food lovers, I understand the fact the one is defined by the food you eat; well… this is the best opportunity to define who Zanzibari’s are.

Join us in this excursion as we take a walk along the beautiful narrow coastal villages, One will get to experience, feel and see different activities done by the locals on daily basis. The sight of women is shallow waters  sea weed farming,  to the ladies that embrace the Art of henna drawing.  Gathered in bazaars, we find the elderly playing the traditional game of Bao. Above, the sight of boys climbing palm trees…and the little ones running with joy after you.

Our tour guide will take you to a local grocer where you will be able to purchase your ingredients for your soon to be meal. A cuisine full of organic spices and traditional cooking methods, The Zanzibari Tropical Cuisine stands out with its sophisticated simplicity.

As the locals say “ Ukipandacho Ndicho Ukivunacho’, we all hope that you will be a good student through this cooking lesson as the saying above translates “What you have planted is what you shall harvest”. Worry out !! We are most definite that our English speaking chefs will guide you and share their knowledge with you to make sure you end up with a superb Zanzibari dish.

After licking your fingers; one may choose to enjoy the evening with the locals by braiding ones hair or getting your hair braided, a Bao game with the village adults, visit to local art galleries and even henna art painting.

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