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Sunset Cruise

Feel what great adventurers, explorers and kings experienced as their days turned into nights. Watch the clear blue sky turn into a magical canvas that not even a thousand words could describe, the breathtaking Zanzibari sunset.

Sunset Cruise from Stone Town

Glide silently across the shimmering Indian Ocean on a traditional wooden dhow slicing through the warm turquoise waters. Enjoy the stillness of the ocean, let our musicians serenade you under the golden skies as the birds fly and soar above you, around you…. To the islands that surround you.

Take your time and soak up the ambiance once enjoyed by Royals and Explorers as the tranquility of the fiery-gold setting sun turns the sky into a vivid canvas of magical hues. Let your heart skip a beat as you surely will be mesmerized by the astonishing image of the Sun sinking into the horizon.

Take a sip of what you desire, feel the wind gently fluttering through as we make our way back to Stone Town. Watch the beautiful lights that brighten up the town as we approach the shoreline of this enchanted Island.


Sunset Cruise from Nungwi and Kendwa

A unique location for a lookout of the beautiful Zanzibari Sunset is at the northern tip of this magical island. Experience the Sunset in Luxury you desire, be it a traditional sailing dhow to a private Yacht; Feel beyond desire.

Hop into our vessels as we set sail into the astonishing canvas casted by gold and amber hues. Drift along the waters to the neighboring Tumbatu Island. View sceneries like non other, take a dip into the warm waters if you wish, have a glimpse of Zanzibar’s underwater beauty on a guided snorkeling tour or just sit back and relax as the gentle breeze blows to your inner self. Let our musicians entertain you by the music you desire or feel the beautiful chilled sunset vibes.

Munch on our mouthwatering snacks, down them with refreshments of your choice; be it a Tropical fruit punch or just a cup of coffee. Let us indulge you with an experience only we can offer.

NB: Dining is available on advance request.

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