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In a city that holds the trails of Sultans, Slaves and Explorers; History appears to remain strong. Wander around the snaking labyrinth of narrow alleyways and explore the Stone Town architectural style being a unique blend of different cultures. Indulge in scenery that has the heritage of the Arabs, Portuguese, Indians, British and German combined.

This three hour UNESCO world heritage site tour kicks off at the Forodhani Gardens . The journey sets to a number of museums and historical sites in this magical city. Sites visited will include; The opulent Sultan’s Palace Museum that was opened in 1925, The enchanted House of Wonders (Beit-el-Ajaib) that was erected in 1883, The Old Arab Fort that was built in 1700, The Old Dispensary built by Taria Topan, Hamamni Persian Baths built by Sultan Said Barghash in the 19th Century, The Anglican Church that was opened in 1874 by Bishop Steers, the former Slave Market where slaves were put before being auctioned. Other sites include Freddie Mercury’s Old Home, Tippu Tip’s home and so much more to explore.

You will also take a short walk around the historic Darajani Market that has been opened since 1904. Here you will experience local buyers and sellers performing trade on different commodities from a variety of seasonal tropical fruits, abundant vegetables to fragrant spices, fresh fish and more.

As you walk through the narrow streets of Stone Town, you will find vast evidence of rich cultural heritage where Arab, Indian and European influences blended with local African traditions. You will indeed see not much has changed in the past 200 years in this historic town.

Should this wonderful journey be undergone during the afternoon, The journey shall be concluded with an exotic evening at the Forodhani Gardens where you could sit, relax and look back at the day’s journey through a magical sunset as you sip on some marvelous sugarcane juice blended with lime and ginger.

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