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South West of Zanzibar, lays an area of outstanding natural beauty.. The Menai Bay Conservation Area;  this area, conserved since 1997 consists of Isolated sandbanks, uninhabited islands, coral reefs and even dolphins; this marine protected area is a sanctuary to the indo-pacific humpback and bottlenose dolphins.

This trip incepts from the most ideal location to explore the conservation area, Fumba; a small fishing village about 20 minutes’ drive from stone town. Once arrived at Fumba you will be given a briefing on your day in the blue.

Appreciating the very highest standards of African craftsmanship, you will then hop onto our traditional handmade sailing dhows and set sail through the warm Indian Ocean waters to the Sandbank where our anchor will drop; providing ample time for those who wish to sunbathe and relish the warmth of the tropical sun, relax on the pristine sands or snorkel in the translucent waters for those who desire to explore the abundant and diverse marine life along the rich coral reefs; complimentary snorkeling gear will be provided.

We will then raise sails again and glide through the magical waters to the breathtaking Kwale Island. Kwale Island is a great place to explore the pristine islets; climb an ancient baobab tree, walk along the beach as you view on mesmerizing coral formations.

Under a shade of massive tamarind trees a barbeque seafood lunch awaits you to feast on it. If it happens that any of our guests prefers a different cuisine, we shall provide upon request. Our seafood buffet lunch comprises of freshly-grilled fish, a succulent lobster and superb calamari. Not forgetting mouthwatering local spicy sauces on the side and abundant seasonal fresh fruits and refreshments.

After lunch you have free time to do as you desire; be it sunbathing, exploring the beautiful mangrove lagoon at Kwale Island or even story telling with the crew or fellow tourists. If the tide permits you can take a swim in the warm waters of the lagoon and further explore the aquatic life Menai Bay has to offer.

After a fantastic day in the magical blue under the Zanzibari sky. We shall raise our lateen sail and glide through the translucent waters as we head back to Fumba village. Sit back, relax and enjoy your voyage as the African sun sets to the blue horizon, painting the skies with enchanted colours.


Note: No changing rooms. Bathrooms are only available at Kwale Island

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