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The daughter of the greatest Sultan of Muscat and Zanzibar, Sultan Seyyid Said; Born in 1844, her name was Salamah bint Saïd, and therefore a sister of Majid, who succeeded to the throne of Zanzibar, and of Bargash, who followed.

A Princess with diverse definitions; A rebel? An outcast? and for the liberals… A revolutionist. She was the princess that conspired to overthrow her brother Sultan Majid from the throne; she was the princess that fell in love with a German trader and eloped with him; taking nothing but a bag of jewels.

Join our highly educated guide through this Royal tour where you will visit the birthplace of Princess Salme; the gardens she played in as a growing child; the alluring balcony she rested upon as she fell in love. You shall explore a room in The Palace Museum that is dedicated to the princess’s life and writings


The memoirs shall continue as we drive you about 20 km from Stone Town to the Beautiful home of Sultan Majid built at a panoramic location. The Princess would rest here as she visited the outskirts of Zanzibar. You will then have ample time to enjoy the beautiful resting spot before driving back to an enchanted Swahili Dinner at The Mtoni Palace ruins.

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