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South of the island lies a wonder and delight. Compelled with stunning scenery, medical cures and tales of mystical and mythical creatures; this last remaining natural indigenous woodland with a size of over 6200 acres is a part of “Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park’, a conservation area forming an important eco-system. It was declared a natural reserve in the 1960’s.

The forest is home to a number of endemic species such as the Zanzibar Red Colobus Monkeys. Jozani forest is one of the remaining sanctuaries in the world for this species of monkeys. These monkeys on the urge of extinction re-lived thanks to conservation policies and major help from the locals. Jozani is now home to over 2500 Red Colobus Monkeys. Other inhabitants in this indigenous home include Civet Cats, Bush babies, Jumping shrew, Elephant shrew, Red and Grey Squirrels and finally the mythical Zanzibar Leopard that is believed to feed in the forest during the night.

During your tour, our highly trained and educated park ranger will take you on a natural trail along a mangrove broad walk that takes you above the swamp and to the interior of the forest.  As the adventure continues within the forest, you will be briefed on medicinal properties of different plants and be made aware of the different creatures that call the natural rainforest their home.

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