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Do you desire a lifetime experience…a chance to swim with dolphins in their natural habitat? Visit the sanctuary of humpback and bottlenose dolphins just a few minutes offshore Kizimkazi Village. This habitat is inside the Menai Bay Conservation Area, Zanzibar’s largest marine protected area that covers about 470 square kilometers. 

Experience a scenic hour’s drive to get to this village from Stone Town, you will surely be enchanted by the magnificent green that will astonish your vision throughout your drive. Kizimkazi village used to be the capital of the island during the Sultan days and still holds historic monuments to this very day.

Once arrived at Kizimkazi shores, you will be briefed on your Dolphin Safari before hoping on a boat and beginning your journey through the turquoise waters to the Kizimkazi channel. The dolphins have chosen the shallow waters around the village as their most ideal hangout spot as there is reliable food supply. They also spend a lot of time in these waters for purposes such as nursing their calves and socializing. If lucky, you could get to see dolphins in less than 15 minutes of your boat ride.

Continue to soar through the Magical Indian Ocean waters as you experience the dolphins jack-knife through the waters, and at times; even see what show offs they are as they jump, twist and dive back into the water. If conditions allow you can have an adventure of a lifetime and even swim with these gorgeous beings, however keep in mind that they are not tamed and are very playful, it might be a challenge to keep up with them. Transcendence Tours & Safaris proudly welcomes such challenges.

You will have ample time to enjoy the dolphins and your boat ride. Such Safaris are normally done very early in the morning where the dolphins are mostly visible as they tend to dive deeper into the waters as the sun gets hotter during the day. Transcendence Tours & Safaris have spotted dolphins about 90% of our visits, and when the gorgeous beings decide to be shy and elusive, we shall make the most of our boat ride and the marine-rich reefs around the beautiful conservation area.

After our Dolphin Safari, you shall be taken to areas in the village where traces of Old Shirazi settlement may be seen in an enclosure surrounded by a wall near the seashore. You will also get to visit an Ancient Mosque built by the local ruler of that time; Sheikh Abu Mussa Al-Hassan bin Muhammad, Kufic inscription records dates the mosque back to A.D. 1107. This mosque is also the earliest evidence of Islam in East Africa. Outside the Mosque there are a number of graves where Shariff’s were buried, these people were believed to be descendants of the prophet.

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