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Diving & Snorkeling

Explore the hidden treasures that lay underneath the Indian Ocean. Treasures beyond imagination, treasures only visible to those who dare. Join us not to only explore these magical treasures but to also certify you as a PADI licensed diver. We offer all PADI courses from Scuba Diver to Dive Master. Our instructors have vast experience by diving in different parts of the world; you will indeed be treated beyond expectation.

Diving in Zanzibar.

Zanzibar consists of a number of Marine Parks such as the “Mnemba Reserve and Atoll” which was declared a No-Touch zone and named a house reef to ensure Aquatic life is maintained. Other Marine Parks include the Chumbe Coral Park and the Menai Bay Marine Park, both are home to hundreds of species of fish and hold abundant magnificent corals that are indeed beyond imagination.

Transcendence Tours & Safaris associates with a number of Dive shops around the island to best cater for diver’s desired experience. Apart from the Marine Parks there are hundreds of other Dive Sites around the Island that will surely astonish ones expectations; such include Tumbatu Island and Reef, Chapwani Island, Prison Island and so many more. Some of the species to be spotted in Zanzibar include Moray eels, Lion fish, Scorpion Fish, Lobsters, Manta rays, Dolphins and even Whales when it is the season. On a good day, Visibility in most of the dive sites around the island exceeds 30 meters.

Diving in Pemba

The diving around Pemba Island, Zanzibar is nothing else but breathtaking. The untouched coral reefs surrounding the entire island make Pemba one of the top dive sites in the world. Pemba, Tanzania is the perfect place to start your dive adventure with one of the healthiest coral reefs in the Indian Ocean, a water temperature averaging at 26ºC and the best visibility of East Africa of 30-40 meters almost every day.

Pemba is home to the Misali Marine Park that holds an area of 21.58 km2 .This Marine Park is believed to be the hiding spot of the infamous Captain Kidd and is said that his lost treasure still lays hidden in the sand of the Misali Island. Divers have spotted over 400 species of fish around the island.  Pemba offers quintessential Indian Ocean diving, with coral-choked walls, colorful reefs, big bommies and enormous sea fans orbited by an amazing cast of reef fish.

This remote Coral Sea atoll is made up of several individual dive sites. But, North Horn is perhaps the most famous for its sharks. There are white-tips, grey whalers, silvertips and the occasional hammerhead, you’ll also see potato cod, bigeye trevally and bumphead parrotfish.

Diving in Mafia

Mafia island and its reefs are renowned as excellent, world class diving destinations with some of the richest reefs in the world. The most outstanding part of Mafia Island Marine Park’s marine environment is the wonderful Chole Bay. It is a vast circular bay over 50 sq km in size with a depth varying from 1 to 28 metres, and a tremendous variety of coral, fish and other marine species.

After a Tanzanian inland safari or be it a holiday in Mafia , divers itching for big animal action should head to Mafia Island. If you’re visiting from October through March, the chances are good you’ll be able to hop aboard a dhow and head for a whale shark encounter.

Most of the hotels are located within the Marine Park therefore you will always be just a few minutes away from exploring the underwater worlds. As Mafia waters remain untouched to this very day, it hosts the best dive sites in the world and many more discoveries are to be made in the waters of this astonishing island.



Ever felt that the scuba gear is too much weight? Ever wanted to feel like a mermaid? Reach incredible depths with nothing but your wetsuit, fins and a mask. Our associated freediving center is the first ever to be established in East Africa. It was born by partnering up with Freedive International that was founded by freediving Champions Lotta Ericson (World record holder) and Linda Paganelli (Holds all Italian records in depth disciplines).

Join us not to only give you an experience of a lifetime but we also give you an opportunity to be more aware and in control of you breathing; we use special relaxations techniques that will give you the ability to extend your time underwater. We also offer freediving courses; from Level 1 to Level 3.


Our destinations have abundant marine life that will surely astonish any one that visits. From Dar Es Salaam we explore islands such as Bongoyo and Mbudya that have clear waters and away from the city pollution. These two islands are believed to be the best snorkeling locations in Dar Es Salaam.

Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia are literally surrounded by corals rich in aquatic life. The most famous locations for snorkeling in these islands include Chumbe Island, Mnemba Island, Bawe Island, Misali Island, The Menai bay and not forgetting the famous Chole Bay. You will surely be left breathless once you have explored these beautiful wonders.

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