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Enjoy the fun of of riding on an ATV or buggy and discover remote trails, unspoiled landscape and local villages. The whole tour is guided by our professional guide, with whom you will discover the beautiful places, which can only be reached by these remote machines.

The trip is approximately 3.5 hours (Including registration, safety briefing, explanation of controls and test drive). We will start the ride from our headquarters situated right on the beautiful beaches of Kiwengwa or Nungwi.

First we will visit two local villages and hidden beaches. This will be very scenic route taking you through the African fields and sugar cane plantations. Visiting a local village is a perfect way to experience authentic rural life in Africa.

This tour enables you to see what the daily routines of Zanzibaris look like, interact with unique culture and see traditional homesteads. You will also get to spend some time with local children. If you have anything you could give them e.g. clothes, pens, coloring books, sweets, please take it with you – they will be very pleased with all the gifts.

In the ATV tour, our last stop will be a guided tour of Kiwengwa cave, Located in a forest reserve, Kiwengwa Caves allows adventurous travelers to delve deep underground. These caves are a part of ancient history of the Zanzibar Island. The locals would visit the caves to worship their ancestors, bringing gifts to the holy stones.

This rustic site lets you experience caves more naturally than other cave tours, with only a concrete path and some stairs provided. The stalagmites and stalactites have formed from water dissolving calcium carbonate from coral stones.

The use of flashlights is necessary as the caves extend deep into the rock; however, the naturally formed holes in the ceiling of the caves let sunlight in, creating an exciting atmosphere. Another curios feature is the roots that have forced their way through the ground and look like electric wires connecting the ceiling to the bottom of the cave. Don’t be surprised to see bats and stone spiders. Worry out, they are harmless.

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