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Have you ever wished to stand in between water? Do not only stand, but sunbathe and take walks as you feel waves coming to a rest at your feet from both sides of the ocean. Visit our beautiful sandbank located just over 1 kilometer from the breathtaking shores of Zanzibar.

Have a beautiful panoramic view of Stone Town and surrounding Islands not forgetting the enchanted turquoise waters at your feet. Enjoy this heavenly sandbank with your family and loved ones, or even with your buddies. It is indeed an experience not to miss, watch the tide rise as it reclaims what belongs to the ocean as the birds loom up above.

Our Sandbank adventure takes off during the early hours of the morning as the tide is normally low. Join our crew in our vessel as we set sail to this magical isle. Once arrived at the sandbank our crew will raise a local tent and begin preparations of the Sea food barbeque buffet; upon request we shall offer the cuisine you desire.

Sunbathe, Swim and even snorkel around the surrounding warm turquoise waters. If you are a sportsman, this is a great place for beach soccer. A seemingly uninhabited and quiet bank in the ocean suddenly comes to life with millions of birds flying overhead and ghost crabs scurrying across the white sands to the ultra-clear waters. Make the most of your day in the middle of the ocean with a mouthwatering buffet lunch and seasonal fruits; and of course refreshments of your choice.

We are definite you will never have enough of this beautiful creation; however as the tide comes in, the sand sinks into the ocean and unless you’re a mermaid we suggest you hop back into our vessel. As nature never fails to impress, this rise of tide gives way to set our sail to the enchanted Bawe Island. This Island is said to be one of the best snorkeling sites in Zanzibar, the coral formations are indeed beyond this world; the Aquatic life is magical. Make the most of this time and Explore the other side.

The aquatic life surrounding the reefs of this island is beyond breathtaking and we are definite you would never want to leave this magnificent location, but as every great thing comes to a pause.. not an end ; We shall raise our sails and let the wind take us back to Stone Town. Glide through the Indian Ocean waters having your day turned into a forever magical memory as you look back at the beautiful day in paradise.

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